Supporting Sensory Integration, Processing, and Motor Challenges and Differences 


Supporting all with sensory processing 

and sensory integration needs

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A software and activity kit that supplies user friendly therapeutic strategies to support Sensory Processing, Sensory Integration and motor challenged children. Easily create unlimited visual aides of trackers, planners, games and activity cards for daily functional events, sensory diets and cognitive self regulation . For use at school, home and in the community.

STICKIDS now promotes and carries only it's deluxe version originally designed for therapist but now available for all - therapist, teacher, parent, child and everyone

Who is it for?

STICKIDS supplies therapeutic support strategies for children with Sensory Integration, Sensory Processing and Motor challenges ranging from: Autism, to Attention Deficit, to the regular child with mild sensory sensitivity and motor needs. These children over or under process the sensory feedback of touch, vision, smell, taste and sound; and the internal sensory feedback from muscles, joints, motion, balance and deep pressure. This atypical processing can result in:

  • Either excessive seeking or avoiding of sensory input in daily events
  • Emotional sensitivity, meltdowns, or need for retreat
  • Difficulty with focus, arousal, and self-regulation to everyday tasks
  • Reduced quality in motor response (involving coordination, balance, tone, planning or sequencing), as the motor skill may have been based on misinterpretation of sensory information.

STICKIDS is suitable for children from toddlers to teens and young adults - from mild to severely effected children. It may be used for a single child or for many.It's used has also expanded to mental health and adult populations.

 STICKIDS Benefits:
  • Affordable and user friendly;
  • Increases ease and effective “teaming” between teachers, therapists and parents
  • Supplements and enhances occupational therapy treatment for children with Sensory Integration and Sensory Processing Disorders.
  • Promotes the child’s participation in sensory diet and sensory motor therapy routines and everyday activities to improve:
    • self regulation (sleep patterns, focus, alertness, emotional stability)
    • motor base of coordination, motor planning, tone, task sequencing and functional motor skills
    • daily living and coping skills. Assisting to help
  • Select from over 125 pictures sorted in sensory diet and therapeutic folders. (Note: STICKID watermarks on web pictures are to protect copyright - pictures in program are clear of watermark)


 Try STICKIDS to support behaviors of:


“STICKIDS provides no nonsense, quick access to pictures, planners, concepts and tools that enable me as a parent to understand my child’s sensory needs and swiftly supply invaluable support!” - Beverly, parent

“It’s just AMAZING to have such an easy to use accessible tool for setting up and implementing sensory strategies and programs! Parents and assistants are so excited about using something so concrete and relevant for them. STICKIDS is making my practice so much more interesting” - Judith, Occupational Therapist

“It’s so easy to use and parents and teachers love it! The pictures are perfect to use with my kids” - Theresa, Occupational Therapist