Supporting Sensory Integration, Processing, and Motor Challenges and Differences 

For Therapists'n Everyone!

STICKIDS is only available by buying directly from this website using Pay Pal. Review product options then email with details of:

  1. Your name
  2. Adress including country
  3. Email
  4. Phone number
  5. Product you wish

Once your request has been received you will be sent a certified Pay Pal Invoice. Once paid your product will be supplied.

1. Telehealth Promotion: Buy STICKIDS License for $119.95 USD (no disc shipped) and our tech will contact you within 2-3 days to set a phone / internet appointment for your virtual load / install to your computer. The session will take about 30 minutes. Total price for US and International / Offshre order is $159.95 USD; Canadian order for $149.95 USD plus GST.

With this promotion you avoid shipping fee and also get a $20 discount; as compared to you buying the disc and virtual load seperately. The STICKIDS license is for lifetime and the Virtual Load for 2 years or 2 additional installs which ever is first. Additional installs are only occasionally needed as when transfering to a new computer or for some reason your tech has to wipe yoru hard drive clean. Telehealth Promotion is most popular option as you don't need to have disc in to run the program, set up is quick, suites those without CD Rom drives and has a discount!

2. Traditional STICKIDS Disc Buy : for US and International / Offshore order $119.95 USD; for Canadian order $109.95 plus GST. This is the traditional product which we still offer. Does requuire CD Rom drive internal / or external. Remember disc needs to be in to run the program. Will have a mailing fee added to invoice of $23 for International / Offshore; $17 fr USA; and $5 of Canada. For international shipping allow 4 weeks, also some countries may add import tariffs; USA shipping allow 3 weeks; Canadian shipping allow 10 days. All sent by Canada Post.

3. Virtual STICKIDS Load  - $60 USD for all customers. Only offered if you already have a STICKIDS CD but your present computer does not have an Internal CD Rom drive or you prefer the convenience of not having disc in to run. Our tech will do the remote virtual load while you are on phone and with intrnet to your computer. As you bought the disc in the past please supply your STICKIDS product ID # / access code from the Quick Start Booklet or attach a photo of the disc or cover. The Virtual Load has 2 year warranty or 2 additional installs which ever is first.

4. Tech support for CD users after 90 day warranty - STICKIDS CD users are offered memo support and as needed direct tech virutal intervention (not virtual install) as needed for 90 days from purchase to assist with initial setup. Thereafter if formal online tech support is desired then a fee of $40 USD is required. Please supply details of your tech concerns.

Place your order via email to  for Pay Pal Invoice to be sent.

School or Institution PO's still accepted please request a quote.

For inquiries contact  Meryle  at ph/text (+1-403-650-0203)  

Check program details and computer technical specs on bottom of previous page as needed.